Asian Journal of Economics and Banking (AJEB) is an open-access, and double-blind peer review process journal that publishes original research and review articles in a broad range of economic disciplines.  We, at AJEB, initiate a call for the research paper in all areas of economics including: economic theory, applied economics, public economics, business administration, and especially finance and banking. All research papers that apply mathematical, econometric and statistical methods are highly appreciated. However, the frameworks of conceptual, theoretical, empirical and experimental works are also welcome. Authors from all languages and cultures are invited to submit their research and review articles to the AJEB journal.

 AJEB is edited by an international board of editors and associate editors from Asia and overseas:

Bazikov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich (RUSSIA)

Luis Alvarez (FINLAND)

William Briggs (USA)

Boualem Dejhiche  (SWEDEN)

Doan Thanh Ha (VIETNAM)

Emmanuel Haven (CANADA)

Polina Khrennikova (UNITED KINGDOM)

Vladik Kreinovich (USA)

Poom Kumam (THAILAND)

Roman Matousek (UNITED KINGDOM).

Akira Namatame (JAPAN)

Hung T. Nguyen (USA & THAILAND)

Paavo Salminen (FINLAND)

Galit Shmueli (TAIWAN)

Songsak Sriboonchitta (THAILAND)

Michio Sugeno (JAPAN)

David Trafimov (USA)

Lanh T. Tran (USA)

Nguyen Duc Trung (VIETNAM)

Yukalov Vyacheslav (RUSSIA)

Berlin Wu (TAIWAN)


This ensures access to an international pool of referees and guarantees a high intellectual standard of published contributions. Editors are committed to a prompt turnaround of submissions.

Asian Journal of Economics and Banking (AJEB) is published quarterly (spring, summer, fall, winter). Manuscripts are welcome for consideration and should be submitted to or

Now, the Journal has received the following submissions to:

Issue 1 (March, 2019):

1. Vladik Kreinovich  - Use of Symmetries in Economics: An Overview

2. Hung T. Nguyen - Quantum Probability for Economics

3.  William Briggs - The State-of-the-Art of P-values

4. Emmanuel Haven - Bohmian Mechanics and the Mechanics of Finance?

5. Polina Krennikova - Quantum Probability Based Decision-Making in Finance

6. Nguyen Ngoc Thach  - The Impact of Government Expenditure on Economic Growth in Asian Countries – A Bayesian Approach.

7. Nguyen Duy Thanh  - The Role of Innovation on Cloud-Based ERP Adoption

8. Tran Thi Tuan Anh - Portfolio Optimization: an Entropy Approach.

Issue 2 (September, 2019):

1. Nguyen Thi Canh - The Effects of Public Investment on Private Investment and Economic Growth – An Input-Output Approach.

2. Pham Thi Tuyet Trinh - The Asymmetric Effects of Oil Price Changes on the Macroeconomy in Vietnam: a Mixed Data Sampling Approach.


Thanks much for your collaboration!

On behalf of the Editorial Advisory Board
Prof. Dr. Hung T Nguyen
(New Mexico State University, USA
& CMU, Thailand)

Dr. Sci. Nguyen Ngoc Thach
(Orel State University, Russia
& BUH, Vietnam)




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